High-secure encrypted cloud drive is here !

Still using unsecure clouds and trust "encryption software" providers ? Of course, if you want help all three-letter-agencies to improve their databases you on the right way. In modern Internet the only one thing worth something - privacy. We here created synergy between classic bank and high-end secure cloud technologies to provide Privacy as a Service for you. And all this opensource !

  • Two stage auth
  • AES or GOST
  • External media for keys
  • RSA public keys cryptography
  • All data replicated with RepliRAID
  • Distributed data model
  • All-world datacenters
  • Software clients for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • CloudNAS appliance with Webdav export
  • Open protocol, integrate your applications

No available beta slots now. Please check later.

Fill form below and you will receive email with activation code. Download software package for your platform in Downloads section, check video manuals in Docs and if you have any questions or issues use Support to file us ticket, your feedback will be very much appreciated.

Beta registration
  • 19 Nov 2013 Find us on Facebook page
  • 18 Nov 2013 Limited beta press relase